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Posted by Drake, May 29, 2014
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We're hotel obsessed - nothing turns our crank more than jetting off to a new place and experiencing a really amazing stay, fresh ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and just plain old cool shit. So, here's the first in a new series called Hotels We Love. LA's up first.

LA is spoiled with top places to stay - glamorous classics like The Beverley Hills Hotel and Bungalows, Hollywood Roosevelt, Chateau Marmont spring to mind immediately when you think of LA hotels. We love these iconic hotels, of course, and always will. But sometimes when we travel, we want to balance classic with something a little edgier, different, hipper. Here are our top six spots to get a taste of what LA has to offer beyond the Hollywood Hills.

ace hotel final

The Ace Hotel's gorgeous tiled floor and soaring ceilings in the lobby. (image via

The Ace Hotel on South Broadway is the new kid on the block, and one of the most exciting new hotels to open as of late. It's just been open since the beginning of the year and what we love best about it is the fact that they've cleverly reimagined the United Artists building and theater for their beautifully casual hotel, event + concert space, restaurant and cafe. Setting up shop in one of California's most iconic buildings is just our speed. Plus, rumour has it, The Ace moving into downtown LA is a sure sign the once-seedy area is changing. Sound familiar?

the line

This view alone makes us crave another stay. (image via The Line Hotel)

The Line Hotel is another reimagined space, this time in LA's busy, buzzy Koreatown district. The area is home to California's biggest concentration of bars, restaurants and 24-hour businesses, so if you want to be in the heart of the action 24/7, this is the spot for you. The design aesthetic is edgy and unique - concrete walls of the guest rooms are balanced with luxurious king beds + linens, eclectic prints, huge windows, a minibar full of American + Korean snacks, and original artworks. We're partial to the rooms with stunning views of the Hollywood Hills.

redbury room

Love a good salon wall over a king sized bed. (image via The Redbury Hotel)

When you're craving a little more old Hollywood glamour and a longer stay, The Redbury Hollywood is the place. The deep red exterior fulfills it's promise of sensuality when you step inside - you'll find warm mood lighting, deep leather furniture that's begging you to sink in and relax, and one of our favourite features, blown up wallpaper portraits of some of the silver screen's greatest stars. The all-suite hotel is perfect when you're planning to stay in the city for an extended period, since rooms offer things like in-room laundry and cozy sitting areas. We're especially partial to the bohemian mix of colours, patterns and styles, as well as the Middle Eastern cuisine on offer at Cleo, the in-house restaurant.

petit ermitage

The Firedeck (image via Petit Ermitage)

Sometimes, you just need to be somewhere that isn't so LA. You want rich colours, mismatched furniture and gypsy vibes to balance out your wheatgrass shots, hikes and endless sunshine. This is where Petit Ermitage comes in. The different-coloured walls and vintage furniture in each room just work and infuse you with their laissez-faire attitude the moment you step inside. The rooftop saltwater pool can't be beat (especially when it's rose-scented), and there's a hummingbird sanctuary (their garden is officially recognized as such). Tap into your inner poet and get inspired.

farmers daughter

Those pigtails belie the sass contained within. (image via

Last but not least, we've enjoyed many a sunny morning at West Hollywood's Farmer's Daughter, lounging in the Muskoka chairs (known as Adirondack there, but splitting hairs), sipping on a fresh coffee from a charming, rose-printed teacup. LA's only hotel to promise down home hospitality + modern farm decor in the heart of the city doesn't disappoint - it's a hip, comfortable and effortlessly cool spot. Plus, the pool has rubber duckies.

Beautiful. Image via Sunset Tower Hotel.

Bonus! Because really, you can't go to LA without checking out at least one of the city's historical hotels. One of our fave old-school spots is the Sunset Tower Hotel. A landmark from the minute it opened in 1929, this Art Deco masterpiece catered to Hollywood's glitteriest stars of the mid-20th century - Marilyn, Liz, Howard Hughes and many others once called the Sunset home. Drink in classic Hollywood glamour here, and don't forget to cozy up to the maitre'd Dmitri - one of the most connected people in LA (fun fact: he got his start at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal).

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