We Like Spring, and We Like Bikes

Posted by Drake, April 03, 2014
Drake Patio

Besides the obvious—birds singing, buds popping, a general lack of snow everywhere—there are a few distinct signs that spring has returned to Drake’s universe. One of them is a patio full of smiling faces, the sound of glass and silverware clinking up and down Beaconsfield Avenue.

The other? All the bikes locked up out front.

Yes, we love bikes here at 1150 Queen Street West. Not only are many of our staffers the sort of helmeted, two-wheeled maniacs who ride even during a winter like the last one, but it comes up elsewhere, too. Even our front lobby currently has a marquee with lyrics from Queen’s “Bicycle Race.”

That said, there’s nothing worse than the worst heartbreak of spring: a stolen bike, or a bike with a stolen wheel or saddle, leaving just a mangled, rusty, desolate frame by the side of the road. Cycling is awesome, and like anything awesome, it comes with great temptation for those who want to share in the awesomeness. Here on Queen Street West, plenty of eyes pass by on a daily basis. Eyes, of course, mean temptation. We want to keep our friends happy, and a happy cyclist—as many of you no doubt are—means a happy, secure bike.

Bikes on Spadina, north of Queen West. (from tayloronhistory.com)

Bikes on Spadina, north of Queen West. (from tayloronhistory.com)

So take this to heart. Dandyhorse Magazine is one of the most authoritative literary resources on cycling in the city, and they recently put together a list of seven ways to protect your steed on the jubilant roads of a Toronto spring. Here's an example:

"Make sure that whatever you’re locking your bike to is sturdy and that thieves wouldn’t be able to somehow get around it. Also, make sure that you aren’t blocking something that may need to be used in an emergency such as a fire hydrant. Usually, designated bike locking areas will be your best bet."

And once you’re done with that, take a look at these smiling literary giants on their own bikes. Ray Bradbury sure seems to be having a good time, doesn't he?

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