Music Monday: The Soft Touch of Jef Barbara

Posted by Drake, April 07, 2014
Jef Barbara

"Half Madonna, half James Brown, Jef Barbara sweats sex in every way, shape or form," reads the Montreal-based pop powerhouse's bio on the POP Montreal website. This September, from the 17th to the 21st, Barbara will be one of the big draws at the annual Montreal-based international music festival. Perhaps even the big draw, who knows? After all, you don't earn praise like "a single stare from those mascara eyes and he’ll get the squarest of the squares to melt into puddles of sweat and boogie" by being the bottom of the bill.

But before that, he's coming to The Underground this Friday, April 11th, 2014. That's right, we get him first. There's "excited," there's "really excited," there's "stupidly giddy," and then there's us, right now.

Check out the official video for "I Know I'm Late," released last summer. Then, once you've reconstituted yourself from the puddle of sweat and boogie you'll no doubt become, plan to get your tickets for his show this Friday, right here at 1150 Queen West. Jef Barbara's dancey beats and campy visuals will be hitting the Underground stage at 8 p.m. ($10 cover) in promotion of his new album, I Know I'm Late .

Play this track for your boss today when you finally show up to work.

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