Music Monday: Blitz/Berlin

Posted by Drake, March 24, 2014

There are some bands that you can't even really describe, for many reasons. With some, it's because there's an airy, atmospheric, wall-of-sound feel that arcs over their pulsing undulating drums and anthemic vocals, creating a soundscape more than a sound. It's like the musical equivalent of the far side of the moon. But it's also because they're so fresh, so new to the legacy of musical exploration that comes out of our great, insightful city, that all you can do is hear them in person to have any idea whatsoever. They're uncharted, in more ways than one.

Blitz/Berlin is one of those bands. Not only does that description come close to approximating their music—even more than a sound or a soundscape, they're like an event, for lack of a better word—but their show this Thursday, March 27th, also marks their first show in their native Toronto. Check them out online, download their mixtape, then come down on the 27th at 9pm ($10) to see/hear for yourselves.

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