Music Monday: Pinball Sessions: Hooded Fang

Posted by Drake, February 18, 2014
Hooded Fang play the 2011 Hillside Festival.

Hooded Fang play the 2011 Hillside Festival.

We're beyond thrilled to welcome Hooded Fang to the Drake Hotel this Thursday, as we roll out the festivities in force to celebrate our tenth year. Along with a few other choice, memorable performers—Ice Cream, anyone?—we're eagerly anticipating what happens when the upbeat, danceable, utterly irresistible style of these Toronto-based funsters cranks out over our newly-juiced soundsystem.

And apparently, so are the sparkling minds over at Pinball Sessions—another musical project as unique as Hooded Fang themselves. They're more or less exactly what they sound like: a Guelph-based studio that... well, that also houses a pinball club, basically. Throughout their young history, Pinball Sessions has attributed everything—or nearly everything, anyway—to the game of pinball, whether it's the name of their operation or the idea of having a studio in the same space to begin with.

"We talked about the idea, we played a lot of pinball," the 'about' section of their website reads. "Then we needed a name, so we played more pinball. It just seemed fitting to call it Pinball Sessions."

The idea, essentially, was to do live, in-studio sessions straight off the floor, capturing the naked energy of the live acts that came their way. Very recently, one of those acts was Hooded Fang themselves, and if you've been swept up in their live energy, you know that hearing and seeing them in person is the best way to experience that bursting sound.

Check out their Pinball Session here, then come on down to The Drake Hotel on Thursday for the party! Doors open at 8 pm for the show, with a $10 cover—kind of a theme for the week, you know?

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