Music Monday: Public Service Broadcasting

Posted by Drake, February 25, 2014
London's Public Service Broadcasting

We like to think that Drake, whatever the Drake, is the sort of place where you can be enriched inside and out. There's the food, sure, but then there's also the art, and the good conversation in the The Drake Hotel's Lounge, and the silent films of Drake One Fifty. And then there's the music. Oh my, is there ever the music.

This Wednesday, an act comes to the Underground that we feel nicely exemplifies all of the above. Except for the food, maybe. Public Service Broadcasting—a duo from London, England—is similar in many ways to Drake favourites like Off the International Radar, except for a few key differences. One such difference is the use of narrated, publicly-broadcast info-films as samples in their music, or even the arrangement of old propaganda and archive footage. Sonically, it's like hearing the musical equivalent of one of those spliced loops of documentary film as art, only with the anchoring of beats and upbeat instrumentation in place of a projector. But their mastery of sampling as an instrument in itself is what we find most interesting.

"Given unique access to propaganda films from WWII-era Britain and the [British Film Institute] and setting them to new music," reads a 2012 bio from Picture House Hackney, "PSB unveil their new material for the very first time." Two years later, that new material has been as much a source of engagement as entertainment at their shows.

Let this do the talking: Public Service Broadcasting's "ROYGBIV," from November, 2011. Or do yourself a favour and check them out live this Wednesday, February 26, in the Underground at 8 pm. Tickets are available in advance for $10.

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