Winter living, Prince Edward County style

Posted by Chris Loane, January 09, 2014
The Drake Devonshire: even under construction, it's a sight to behold.

The Drake Devonshire: even under construction, it's a sight to behold.

Winter in the county.

It appears to be very sleepy here, but it's only on the surface. Underneath that sleepy exterior there is a plethora of creative endeavours being plotted and coursed out. People here use this time to refresh their soul before the spring brings travelers back to the county. Wintertime is the time to visit with friends, host a dinner party, or perhaps just take advantage of the quiet and get your thoughts organized.

Texts from county friends come in with headings like, "Shack Wacky! Come for a walk?" Everyone here is always looking out for the well-being of other people in the community. It's nice to see. Sledding is the most common form of transportation for Harrison and Jude these days. Sled them to school, sled them to the store, sled them to the park. The wind is always a factor in PEC, so my brother got Jude the best Hat/beard ever! Check out the photo (see below).

Activity-wise, it's almost as busy as the summertime. Snowmobiling, skating, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing are all very popular here. The lake is beautiful in the wintertime. Jess and I can't wait for the hotel to be open and we can host our patrons by the fire with a hot drink (possibly with some booze) and some good conversation.

I want to tell you about three county establishments that don't seem to be slowed down by any season. They are driven by forces more powerful than nature! Well, you know what I mean.

The website just launched last week! Studio House is owned and operated by Stuart Jones and Rebecca Hunt. It is also Stuart's painting studio, an art gallery and a pop-up event space. Their studio is a historic space in Wellington (c.1860) and has been lovingly updated by local tradesman to preserve and restore as much of the original structure as possible. It is a beautiful space and Stuart and Rebecca are beautiful people. They have fast become family friends and I wish them all the best. I'm convinced that our little Inn and their little studio will be family friends as well.

Hinterland is a family run winery driven by passion and dedication to their craft. They make premium sparkling wine and Boy Oh Boy do they do it well. They are relatively new to the scene (planting in 2005), but they have made a huge splash on the scene, and it's the place that everyone was talking about this season. Jess and I found out first hand why this place was so special when we went for a tasting a few weeks ago and met Jonas. It felt like chatting with an old friend. He was very engaging and you can tell by speaking with him that this is his life's work. We tried some beautiful sparkling and chatted about his methods and why Prince Edward County is the perfect place for him to grow grapes and make wine. When you plan your next wine tour in the county, you must put Hinterland on your itinerary.

Ken Hudson and Lucinda Pritchard have started a fantastic T-shirt company dedicated solely to promoting the county. We met them on a frigid day in December at their pop-up shop in Bloomfield. Also a very artistic duo, Ken and Lucinda have a great product. So much so that we bought t-shirts for my entire family as Christmas gifts this year. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit and I see those shirts selling like hot cakes this summer.

All photos by Chris Loane

The Drake Devonshire—coming soon!
Photo by Chris Loane

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