CBC's "12 Days of Christmas"

Posted by Drake, December 19, 2013

It's back—that magically merry time of year festooned with snow, ringing with song, and alight with the warmth of good friends, family, and probably a fireplace or three. It's also when you're more likely than not to hear an astronaut cover the Beatles.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, that's Chris Hadfield—YouTube celebrity, guitar player, and recently-returned resident of low-earth orbit—playing "Across the Universe" in that video. This year, CBC Music compiled a sampling of Canada's musical heavyweights, all performing their favourite songs of the season. In addition to Hadfield and his band, there's the Barenaked Ladies doing their original song "Footprints," Royal Wood's take on "Silent Night," Walk Off the Earth pum-pa-rum-pumming with "Little Drummer Boy," and others. Even Moist is on there, trading their hallmark '90s intensity for a little hearth-side cheer.

So! Allow us to make your evening. Step one, pour yourself some grog. Step two, have a listen.

Step three, more grog.

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