Meet Ariel

Posted by Drake, November 27, 2013
werner's ariel

Ariel is the newest member of the Drake's permanent art collection. You'll find this beauty by artist Janet Werner gracing the staircase that leads from the Lounge to the Sky Yard.

According to our Curator, Mia Nielsen, "part of what I love about this installation is the tension between Werner's painting and the Evan Penny sculpture beside her. Both works are extremely realistic and beautiful, while also rendered to be exaggerated in completely different ways. Werner focuses our attention on her subject's overwhelming gaze, slightly smaller than life-size, she's almost adrift on that huge canvas. While Penny's sculpture is larger than life-size, seen from the back it seems to shrug off the viewer's stare, setting up a game of seeing and being seen."

Ariel is Werner's newest painting, acquired from Montreal's Parisian Laundry at Art Toronto, last month. Make sure you pay her a visit on your next trip to the Drake.

Old Artwork

Dismantling the previous installation, Hanging Garden by Marianne Lovink, which was installed when the hotel opened in 2004.

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