Jack-O-Slice: Carving Out Kindness for the Night

Posted by Drake, October 01, 2013

Join us for our first-ever Jack-O-Slice Halloween charity event as some of the best sushi chefs in Toronto put their pumpkin carving skills to the test.

All of the proceeds will be donated to Second Harvest and Drake will even match the funds. Nothing spooky about that.

On Thursday October 31, meet us in our lounge from 5PM - 7PM to watch local sushi chefs from Kanji, Blowfish + Drake's very own kitchen, sharpen their knives and carve for a good cause.

Show your support + vote for your favourite pumpkin carving, where each dollar you put into the Second Harvest donation cup translates into points for the winning design. Once the carving is complete, voting (and donations) will close at 9PM and the winners will be announced live at the Drake Lounge and via our social media feed. All the votes get donated, a cash prize will be awarded for the winning design, and Drake will match that donation as well.

Drake Sushi
Drake Sushi
Drake Sushi

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