Dispatch from Frieze London

Posted by Drake, October 15, 2013

The Drake’s curator Mia Nielsen is in London, U.K. for the Frieze Art Fair. She’s sent us a few of her favourites from the show to share with you, fellow art fiends.

Favourite Booth: Stuart Shave Modern Art, London


Stuart Shave Modern Art at Frieze

Favourite Discovery: Artist Navid Nuur at Galeria Plan B, Berlin

Nuur draws + writes in black ink and then submerges his works in water to separate the colour. According to Mia, photos don’t do justice to how subtle and beautiful they are. Nuur makes sculptures with the same technique.


Navid Nuur at Frieze

Other highlights include Richard Patterson at Timothy Taylor Gallery, London


Richard Patterson at Timothy Taylor

And Charles Avery at Pilar Corrias Gallery, London

Charles Avery at Frieze

Detail of a Charles Avery

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