Trip Home to London

Posted by Zoe Shapiro, May 07, 2013

I jetted back to the UK for a few weeks this spring. I lived there for years and my two closest uni friends had done me the brilliant favour of getting married on two consecutive Saturdays. Obviously, I couldn't be back without time spent in London, my old hometown. Here's a quick rundown of what I got up to (and would recommend to anyone travelling to the Big Smoke sometime soon)!

What I saw: Pae White's installation at the South London Gallery. It was amazing to walk through the room and have your visual perspective on the letters and language change everywhere you glanced.

What I bought: If you're shopping the high street in London, then Topshop at Oxford Circus is Mecca. I scooped up these nerdy socks and have been wearing them proudly since.


What I ate: I went to this little restaurant that more than measures up to their singular concept: Bubbledogs. What do they serve? Hot dogs and champagne (and a few cocktails too). And that's it. They're really great hotdogs and drinks, inexpensively, in a great environment. I went at lunch time, to beat the lines, munched on the Trishna dog and drank a cocktail that had rose and chili. Ok, the truth is I had three cocktails.

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