Visitations - a diary entry from Lucy

Posted by Mia Nielsen, April 30, 2013
visitations 2

What follows is an entry from the journal of Lucy Mann, a recent engineering graduate who is currently visiting Toronto, attempting to solve a mysterious—and potentially deadly—riddle left behind by her great-grandfather. Lucy is also fictional, and one of the characters from VISITATIONS, an interactive theatrical adventure that was just extended to May 14. Check here for dates and tickets for dates and tickets.

The staff at the Drake are so upset with me. This place is so trendy, I feel like I don’t fit in. I know I should probably shower more but it just takes too much time and I need the tub for some research I’m doing. It’s such a pain to empty it out so I can shower. There’s been a lot of disturbances too since I got here and they think it’s my fault. I can’t tell them it’s the Sabbaticus. The place is haunted. How is that my fault? Their guests are hearing all sorts of noises, things are falling off the shelves in the dining room and the cashier in the General Store says she swears she has seen a ghost in the stockroom. They get so easily spooked. They don’t seemed to understand there are bigger issues right now.

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I decided I need to stop secluding myself and going at this alone. Late last night I got online and found a forum for paranormal investigators. I found this girl named Dev who seemed pretty educated. I think it’s worth it, so I’m emailing her trying to figure out when she can get here by. She says she’s Classified, seemed like a big deal and she goes by the title Ghost Hunter. I also was thinking a lot about this folklore lecture that I heard back in school when Chris was in his last year of his PhD. Prof. Erikson did a big lecture on relics and I don’t remember the details but I was thinking of her lately. I figure it can’t hurt to have someone who kind of knows me around and really, with where my brain is at, having a parapsychologist around can’t be a bad thing. Weirdest, I got a call from this lady named Samantha Ricci. I was surprised but turns out she's a clairvoyant. I told her to come on down. It’ll be a team of three women helping me to figure out how to crack the Sabbaticus. She really seemed to seriously know what she was talking about. I mean, the lady does not mess around. Will be interesting meeting her. She kind of intimidated me.

Now that I’m clear what I’m going to do when I unlock the Sabbaticus through Charles’ ritual, it’s speaking to me. I’ve been given the 24 names that I need to perform the ritual. It’s all happening. I hope my dad will be proud. I have to move forward now. I can’t sleep. There is no time to sleep. I need to focus. Try to get my memory to open, try to get Charles to tell me what I need to do. People are going to try to stop me. I know this. I will not be stopped.

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