Venice Biennale

Posted by Mia Nielsen, March 25, 2013
resized fortuny

This year, the Arsenale is curated by Massimiliano Gioni, associate director of NYC's New Museum and curator of some of their best known exhibitions, including the celebrated Younger Than Jesus show. Over the weekend, artinfo released a recent interview to shed some light on Gioni's theme this year, his artist selection and his decision to include so-called outsider artists. It definitely got me dreaming about seeing this year's 'big show', along with the exquisite Palazzo Fortuny - a museum that never fails to inspire new ways of thinking and seeing.

Shary Boyle

Another reason to approach Venice with bated breath is Shary Boyle; the Toronto-based artist who will occupy the Canada Pavilion in Venice. Whether it's her beguiling ceramics, stunning paintings or inspired performance - this will be an extraordinary show! If you're looking to get involved, of course, Drake has a solution. In partnership with the National Gallery of Canada, we're thrilled to host a fundraising event on April 30 - complete with a strolling dinner and a performance by Shary's favourite band!

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