Ryan McGinley's Quick Visit at Drake

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, February 06, 2013

One of our favourite photographers, Ryan McGinley, stayed with Drake last time he was in town for Christopher Owens' show. When he wasn't busy enjoying breakfast in our Café or dancing at the Beaver he snapped some behind-the-scenes photos from his visit. We also chatted with him briefly about Will Munro, Joni Mitchell and his upcoming projects!

Ryan McGinley

Shannon Elizabeth Murphy: Where are you from?

Ryan McGinley: New York City

SEM: When you're not at Drake, what's your favourite thing to do in Toronto?

RM: I like to eat vegetarian food and dance late night at The Beaver. I met Will Munro when I was a teenager and used to visit him in Toronto over the years. He would always talk to me about his dream to open a restaurant and queer dance club. Sadly he passed away May 21st, 2010. When I'm having fun dancing at The Beaver, I know he's smiling too.

SEM: So much of your work is about life in NYC, so we were really excited to hear that "Varuo" will be playing in city taxis. What does it feel like to have your work seen out of a gallery context by thousands of people in transit?

RM: I love taxi TV in NYC because you're kind of held captive in the cab and have to watch it, those little TVs never shut off. Since it's playing this month in 4,000 taxis, tens of thousands of people will be able to view it.

SEM: Congrats on your recent show in Japan. Do you have any new shows or books planned?

This year I'm opening a mid career retrospective at the Daelim Museum in Korea and an exhibition of new work at Ratio 3 Gallery in San Francisco. The next Purple Magazine will have a book supplement of my work that accompanies the new issue. The photos are all behind the scenes photographs from my road trips over the last 10 years.

SEM: If someone could record the soundtrack of your life and write a play about your life, who would it be?

The musician Christopher Owens. I was in Toronto this past trip to see him perform his new album Lysandre at The Mod Club.

SEM: If you could invite anyone, dear or alive, to a Drake dinner, who would you pick?

Having dinner with Joni Mitchell in Canada would be pretty epic.

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley in a Drake bathroom mirror

Ryan McGinley

Christopher Owens set list from the mod club show

Ryan McGinley

Singers Cally Robertson + Hannah Hunt outside the Mod Club

Ryan McGinley

Christopher Owens + Hannah Hunt backstage at The Mod Club

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