Reduce, reuse and replant this holiday

Posted by Lindsey Cepek, December 22, 2012

This time of year is about giving to the ones you love most + Drake wants you to remember to show affection to your community as well. We'll be keeping these ‘green’ ideas in mind when celebrating the holidays.

If you are celebrating at the office by bringing in treats + things, make sure to have reusable containers instead of disposable foil and plastic bags. Did you buy to much canned corn again this year? Donate your extra grub to a local food drive in your neighbourhood.

Remember; there are so many creative ways to cover up all the gifts you picked up from The Drake General Store. Wrap your special things in newspaper or old menus and remember to recycle all the paper after the ‘opening ceremony’ is over.

Are you a ‘pine-hard’ tree fan?

Times and opinions are changing about what the ‘greenest’ option for a Christmas tree is (between real vs. fake trees). Regardless of your preference there are several shrubbery choices you can make. Our favourite alternative is a living, potted tree. This allows you to plant your holiday cheer in the back-yard to look at for the rest of the year!

Do some research, whatever you choose, there is a green option for you.



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