50 Drake Faces, 50 Drake Stories - Bill's Story

Posted by Drake, December 06, 2012

One late evening, 'back in the day', after a particularly raucous Toronto International Film Festival soiree, I was escorting the then Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson and her husband, John Ralston Saul out to their Limo. This was a legendary Drake TIFF party, with Hollywood ever present and renowned artist, Istvan Kantor, delivering a spectacular, performance art tour de force on top of a vehicle perched in front of the Drake. So imagine our surprise, when a full-on, naked 'streaker', doffed her clothes, mounted the roof of a taxicab and began a gyrating dance in the form of an early twerking rendition as we exited the Drake, stage left!!

In her self effacing manner, Her Excellency drew me close and said, 'Bill, that is why I absolutely LOVE the Drake - you just never know what is going to happen around here!' We both chuckled as she disappeared into the night and thankfully she just missed the Boys from 14 Division pulling up to 'inspire the artist' to put her clothes back on, and perhaps call it a night... But Adrienne was correct - we have ALWAYS marched to a different drummer here in Drakeland and 10 years later, the beat goes on and we continue the never ending story of how a small hotel in the wilds of West Queen West could be so instrumental in building a to-be-continued legacy of culture, community and hospitality.

The Drake's mission of staying the course on 'the road less traveled' has had a lasting impact on so many people's lives and been a big part of my world in such a meaningful way. x[oh!]


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