Haunting Tides: We Chat to Southern Shores

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, September 05, 2012

What do 90s R+B samples, Nova Scotia beaches + synths have in common? The newest "must watch" Toronto duo, Southern Shores! Our Marketing Coordinator, Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, sat down with them for a quick chat to discuss creative process, Vietnamese food and their upcoming Underground show.

Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, Southern Shores

Shannon Elizabeth Murphy: Who or what is Southern Shores a reference to? Did you guys grow up in The Beach or something?

Southern Shores: Southern Shores is the name of a song we made together before we had any name for the project. The sound of the song was the direction we wanted the project to go in and we felt right about that name representing our sound. We didn't grow up in The Beach - we grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where there are no shortage of beautiful beaches.

SEM: Congrats on your upcoming EP release! What has your creative process been like? How did you decide on the name and where was the music written?

SS: Thanks! New World was written entirely in our apartment in Toronto. We spent the winter drinking coffee, eating Vietnamese, bouncing around and experimenting with ideas on a daily basis until we had a collection of songs we were satisfied with. It's important to us that the project is always moving in novel directions and we felt this title summed the direction of our sound.

SEM: Your videos all seem to have an allusion to water or a liquid texture woven through. Does water’s influence permeate all your artistic expressions?

SS: I wouldn't say it permeates all of our creative expressions. We try to imbue our music with a certain sense of mystery but we also want it to be forceful and invigorating. The ocean fulfills all those categories quite nicely.

SEM: What’s the last concert you went to?

SS: Last concert we went to was the Fire on The Water event on Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful dance party with incredible beats provided by the Afro-Brazilian percussion group, Maracatu Mar Aberto, DJ/RUPTURE and others.

SEM: What are you most excited about for your show in the Drake Underground?

SS: It's been awhile since we've played in Toronto, so we're looking forward to playing our new songs to those who haven't heard and also for the chance to introduce people to our music for the first time. We're incredibly grateful for the chance to play live and we look forward to having a fun night with everyone there.

SEM: Describe your music in three words.

SS: Full of life.

Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, Southern Shores

If you're craving more Southern Shores, check out their latest single New Love, here. Their EP, New World, will be released on October 2nd on Cascine.

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