A Minute With: Members_Only

Posted by Brian Smiley, May 24, 2012

Resident DJs, record collectors, party-makers.
We take a minute to catch up with the guys before their much anticipated Evening Standard party on Saturday May 26th.

Saturday night seems to shaping up into something special. Tell us a bit about your guests, Tiger & Woods.

What we know for certain is that they are two guys that love 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' as much as they love creating dance commanding tracks. They popped up a few years back with a couple of cleverly named songs that made guys nerd out and girls dance faster. Since then they have developed a live show to command dance floors with disco samples and drum loops and diva screams. Its all very diva meets machines with lots of buttons. It's big for us because due to their constant output of brilliant tracks, they've gotten quite popular and usually tend to play much bigger venues, so it will be great to see them in an intimate venue like this before they really blow up and stop returning our calls.

With advanced tickets sold out, you’re also running a contest for some freebies! What’s the contest all about?

Yes advanced tickets are sold out, but there will be many available at the door, including TWO (2) free ones to the winner of the little contest we're hosting on our Evening Standard Facebook page.
The challenge is to come up with a word play alias similar to Tiger & Woods , or their Editainment label mates Cleo & Patra or Pop & Eye. Tiger and Woods go by the full names Larry Tiger and David Woods (Larry David/Tiger Woods) so combining two names will likely make us crush harder on you. We'll pick our favorite and they'll get two free tickets to the show.

So if Members_only had an alias, what would it be?

Chef Peter & Gallagher Boyardee (combining our favorite actor with our favorite brand of tinned pasta).

What’s next for Evening Standard? I heard rumours of birthday plans? Confirm or deny.

Well, that is very true. We're old, two years old, and we're celebrating on June 15th during NXNE with a 4am last call so we can all have a real nice time.
We have some buds coming in to help too. Local NYC pin-up boys Justin Miller and Justin Strauss. Miller a former cornerstone of the DFA records empire is an old pal and will bring us cake as well as the whole DJ handsome 'Have a Killer Time' thing he does so well.
Justin Strauss is an NY legend wrapped in a Manhattan mythos. He's been DJ'ing and involved in music since the 70's. Has multiple members ship cards to the Paradise Garage, moved Keith Harring to do a portrait of him, and used to front a band called Milk and Cookies. He's officially remixed everyone, literally, from Fine Young Cannibals to Depeche Mode to a large slice of the Strictly Rhythm catalog, and we can't wait to meet him and hear him sing happy birthday!

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