the ever amazing Richard Barnes

Posted by Robin Clason, April 22, 2012

Our fantastically talented curatorial intern, Robin Clason, shares her thoughts on our new Richard Barnes diptych that "breaks the illusion of fabricated space." Yes please!


So I stopped into the Drake the other day to check out the lounge's latest install: a large striking diptych piece by the ever amazing Richard Barnes. Have you ever seen his work? His photographs break the illusion of fabricated space. Hiding nothing, they dispel the fantasy of museum-style diorama, including museum workers up on ladders, on the ground, or the taxidermied animals being lowered into their "natural settings." His photographs echo the previous lounge installations by Joe Becker; both artists reference nature-based scenery with cheeky flare. However, the shift from Becker's Baroque style to Barnes' is emblematic of the Drake's transition from its previous classic style, to an expansion in growth and aesthetic. If you haven't already seen the work, come by for a drink and have a look!


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