Armory Week!

Posted by Mia Nielsen, March 07, 2012
installing at armory

I look forward to the first week of March like some people look forward to the first day of vacation. It’s Armory Week!! Not that I love the Armory, well not always anyway. The Armory itself can be like a cousin’s wedding, the event itself can be a bit of a drag, but all the people and events surrounding are what you so look forward to.

And this week in NYC will be even more interesting than in past years because the spring season will get a big shake up in May with the first Frieze fair in New York. So, what’s on tap this week? Even though I swore off the big show a few years ago, I was drawn back last year with a tighter selection of galleries and larger spaces, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to reinvent this year. One of my fav galleries, i8 from Reykjavik, Iceland will be there with a new piece by Ragnar Kjartansson . (this image from Kjartansson's Venice project from 2009)

ragnar in venice

The Independent fair is a very different project I’ve come to really enjoy. Housed in the old DIA building in Cheslea, it’s a more conceptual approach, where galleries bring in more installation-based works. The result is less mercantile, which makes for interesting viewing and greater potential for discovering new work. Some of which may be older than you think. One of the great surprises of The Independent is that they don’t strictly show new works, this year keep your eyes peeled for a 1976 Mac Adams installation from France’s GB Agency. (image from The Independent, 2011)

independent fair

Another project I’m looking forward to is Volta, a fair dedicated to single artist/installation based projects. It was at Volta that I came across Yuval Pudik’s work and this year I’m looking forward to seeing new projects from Aakash Nihalani and Jason Gringler among others. (image: Aakash Nihalani)


OK, so I’m running now and I haven’t even gotten to new projects or gallery shows! I’ll definitely be checking out the second installment of the Moving Image fair, dedicated to film, video and new media works. Seeing durational works is a great antidote to all the running around of the bigger fairs. Bring a coffee and be still for a while, it’s good for you!

Now that you’ve read all the way to the end, here are a couple of new projects I’m looking forward to. The first is Spring Break Art Show a curator-led fair. This could be an interesting approach, looking forward to see how that came together. But, I’ve saved the best for last, Art’s Not Fair, is not only my favourite art fair name to date. It also promises to be an interesting counterpoint to the high rolling, blue-chip shenanigans in Manhattan this week.

No checked luggage! Grab your carry-on and let’s do this!

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