Take A Sneak Peek into Shary Boyle's Shadow Puppet Play!

Posted by Hanna Wolf , February 16, 2012

Over the next four months, Toronto is going to become home to some of the world’s leading and most progressive theatre and dance companies. World Stage, Harbourfront Centre’s contemporary performance series, is not simply programmed, but meticulously curated by artistic director, Tina Rasmussen; we strive to bring Toronto the most innovative, trendsetting and often risky performances possible. This year there will be opportunities to see work from Brazil, France, America and the UK. Rising stars such as Young Jean Lee are programmed alongside legendary companies such as The Wooster Group. Homegrown talent is also out in force with the season’s opening in the hands of local artists Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows and their new work, "Everything Under the Moon."


A year and a half in the making, "Everything Under the Moon" is a unique fusion of visual art and musical theatre. The artists have taken the model of an old-fashioned shadow play and reinvented it though live hand-operated animated projection and an original live score. Using multiple overhead projectors, handmade puppets and original artwork that was painstakingly transferred onto transparency foils, Boyle’s drawings are brought to life on an epic scale.


Accompanying Boyle’s artwork is Christine Fellow’s charming and soulful live score. Using a vast array of instruments from ukulele, to cello, to voice, Fellow’s unique compositions tell the tale of two small, winged creatures as they set out together on an urgent quest to save themselves and their species. It is a spellbinding, epic and adventurous story which will charm audiences of all ages. "Everything Under the Moon" is not only a collaboration between two extraordinary artists, but a performance that truly champions shared experience both between the characters and the audience themselves. We look forward to seeing you! Enjoy the video below for a closer sneak peek into the dreamy production.

Photographs are taken by Hanna Wolf, Shary Boyle and Billy Wolf respectively. For more information or to purchase tickets visit the World Stage online!

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