Rae Dawn: My Bacon Stimulus

Posted by Chef Anthony Rose, January 19, 2012

I love Rae Dawn for so many reasons, let me count the ways.

  1. She is Canadian

  2. Starred in Quest for Fire

  3. She starred in the critically acclaimed Beat Street -one of the best break dancing movies of all time, it also introduced main stream America to Graffiti and Hip-Hop

  4. She's kinda good looking

  5. She is the daughter of one of our country’s most prolific actors

Of all of these amazing accomplishments, the one that is really near and dear to my heart is the second one, Quest for Fire. Not because she was a good actor in this movie and won a Genie Award for female lead. But because every time I see or hear her, I'm instantly taken back to my childhood and can only think of bacon. Yup, Bacon.

Growing up, I never ever had a chance to try these delicious meat strips! My Uncle, Irving Dennis, picked me up one morning for an afternoon of food and movies. The month before we had gone for corned beef sandwiches and Ghandi. Amazing. This week on our annual monthly outings, we were going to see Quest for Fire. Irv was a special kinda guy- smoked 3 packs a day, drove a baby blue Cadillac series 75 1973 (which he let me drive when I was 9) and just didn't care. I loved him.

On this day we went to a diner for lunch before the movie, all was going smoothly. Then he ordered eggs and bacon. I was frazzled, nervous and quite frankly very upset. I had always heard of this “bacon”, this not-for-my-lips delicacy that was like Adam's forbidden fruit. Was this a test, should I order my hamburger plate sans cheese and bacon? Yup, I sure did and history was made. Rae Dawn Chong and I will forever be tangled in a weave of forbidden luxuries.

P.s I wrote her once but never heard back.

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