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Posted by Drake, January 02, 2012

Back home in Edmonton, Rob's a Portfolio Manager. When he's a Drake guest in Toronto, Rob leaves the analytic investment decisions behind!


Drake: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Rob Campbell: I manage money for people for a living. Spending time with our clients is my favorite part of my day. As far as what I like to do… I have three or four passions in my life. First off, I am a lover of music - and that is in spite of the fact that I have little or no musical talent and don’t play any instruments. One of my favorite things to do is to see a great indie band live in a little club. I probably wind up seeing 50 to 100 live shows a year… it is a great joy of mine. And one of the great things about the Drake is how close it is to killer clubs like the Dakota, The Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace and so many others.

Drake: Not to mention the Underground!

RC: True! I also love to travel… I am always on the look-out for an excuse to get away and often a music festival or a live show that I really want to see in another city provides the travel excuse that I need. Some of my favorite destinations that I have visited over the last few years are Argentina, Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique, and Sweden. It is a big world out there though… and I have only just started to scratch my travel itch!

I'm also pretty into fitness… I’ve run four marathons, including Boston, and done a few half-ironman triathlons over the years. My commitment to fitness is less because of a pure love for it but rather to counteract the strong affinity for beer that I have – which pretty much any of the Drake bartenders can attest too!

My fourth passion is books. I love to read and am an avid reader. I enjoy few things more than a quiet afternoon, a tumbler of Scotch, and a great novel - which may surprise those who only know the more social side of me!

Drake: What a well-balanced Drake guest you are Rob! What usually brings you to Toronto to sleep with Drake?

RC: I'm usually am in Toronto a couple of times a year on business and then usually also manage to come a couple of times for fun as well. I find myself missing the Drake and coming up with excuses to come back if I am ever away for more than a few months at a time! Virgin Music Fest, TIFF, a UFC fight, the Juno Awards…any of these types of events usually brings me back to Drake.

Drake: Well we heart having you!

RC: To me the Drake is all about the people. The staff are SO fun and SO welcoming that every time I walk in the door I am visiting with old friends. From Jonathan, Pam, Kayla and the rest behind the desk, to all of the servers and kitchen staff who are always so friendly and quick to share a drink and a story or two after their shift. I feel like the Drake staff is one big cool, funky family, and that I am like the crazy cousin from Alberta that gets to come and hang out at the odd family function from time to time.

Drake: Absolutely! So, do you have a favourite Drake family memory?

RC: My favorite Drake memory is my first visit to the Drake. A friend had recommended it to me and we spent a ton of time that week-end in the Sky Yard, the Lounge, the Underground. When I went to check out two days later it took me half an hour to leave by the time I had stopped to chat with all of the Drake staff that I had met. I knew from that first visit that I’d be back. And many of the staff that I met that first visit are still good friends today!

Drake: What's the tipple of choice when you're hanging in the Lounge or on our Sky Yard?

RC: I have two favorite drinks at Drake. One of them is always the first drink that I have when I arrive at Drake. After a day of planes, trains and automobiles it is always such a great feeling to wander up to the bar… chat with Gord, or Mark or whomever is tending, and savour that first drink that gets me into the mind set of relaxation, fun and friendship - which is what the Drake is all about for me!

My other favorite drink is my morning coffee and grapefruit juice in the Café. The music is always great, the vibe is so relaxing, and I am usually sitting with friends laughing about all the fun that we had the night before. They are both special moments that love!

Drake: If you could pick anyone, dead or alive, to do the laughing with, who would it be? AKA, whose the fantasy Drake dinner date?

RC: Great question. I’d want to have dinner with Norman Mailer (my favorite novelist) and Bob Dylan. I’d have to organize the dinner on one of the nights that Drake is open till 4am though because I am sure that with the stories that those two could tell a normal evening out just wouldn’t cut it!!

Drake: Great answer! When those dinner invites go out, please make sure to put us on the list! Thanks so much Rob. We always look forward to seeing you!

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