A Minute With: Rich Aucoin

Posted by Brian Smiley, January 12, 2012
Rich Aucoin Surf

Rich Aucoin plays The Drake Underground on Friday, January 13th.

Brian: For the unlucky ones who have yet to catch Rich Aucoin live, describe your show using 3 words.

Rich Aucoin: Visual Karaoke Dance.

B: Your video for ‘It’ is incredible and has been making waves over the holidays! Was the video as much fun to make as it looks?

RA: It was one of the most fun things I've ever gotten to do. I started to feel nostalgia during the last day of shooting already anticipating its ending. I made Noah Pink (the director) promise we'd do a sequel collage in 10 years time. Ha ha.

B: Visuals have always been closely tied to your music and play a huge role in your live show. How do you select all of the materials?

RA: I chose The Grinch for the first record and dozens of public domain films for the second after receiving a cease & desist from Dr. Suess. Now, I'm choosing a wide variety of movies, art films and viral videos of anything I like.

B: You’ve been a bit of a touring machine over the past few years! Can you share one of the strangest places you’ve ever crashed during tour?

RA: I slept in an art venue in Pheonix called Super Happy Fun Land before SXSW last year. That was a really trippy place that had music blasting all night while I tried to sleep curling up in my parachute. I want to do a whole tour though in the future where I only sleep in "haunted" houses or places where supernatural things have been reported.

B: What’s next for Rich Aucoin after playing The Drake Underground?

RA: I go to play Igloo Fest in Montreal and then New York, Louisiana, LA and then Australia.

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