Artist in Residence: Coming Up in the Drake Lab

Posted by Drake, January 03, 2012
camilla singh

Ever since Drake joined the Queen West block back in 2004, promoting creativity and sharing art has been a big part of our vision! Our latest venture is our new pop-up space, the Drake Lab. Expanding upon our Artist in Residence program, we're providing free street-side studio space to artists and collectives to create, play and explore over two week residencies.

Peer through the windows of the new pop-up space at 1142 Queen St. W. and watch as performances are developed by Mammalian Diving Reflex, The Theatre Centre, Everything is Terrible! and Oliver Pauk, to name a few.

Starting Saturday, January 21, you can catch Camilla Singh’s daily programs that include everything from interviews with curators (as part of her ongoing exhibition research) to tap dancing and drum solos. Surprises are guaranteed, so find out what’s happening in Drake Lab!

There are still a couple of spaces open before the summer for Drake Lab’s free residencies. So drop us an email if you have the perfect project for this street-side studio.

Photo credit: Living Office, 2008, Walter Willems.

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