We Chatted With "Shit Girls Say" After the Release of Their First Video

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, December 13, 2011

The creators of the brilliant "Shit Girls Say" Twitter have released their first video featuring a cameo by Juliette Lewis. We have to admit that this Natural Born Killer is outshone by the painfully witty and accurate writing of Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey. We chatted with them briefly about their recent viral success and why a "Shit Guys Say" wouldn't quite work.

What was the inspiration in starting the "Shit Girls Say" Twitter? When did it begin? It started in April of this year. We've grown up in families with lots of women and one day we just started to talk about phrases that were specific to women, or more specifically the layered tones and nuances that get applied to those phrases when spoken by women. After going back and forth rapid-fire with a bunch of these phrases we realized they were perfect for Twitter so we set up the account and went from there. Within a few days we had a document filled with hundreds of potential Tweets, and then we got featured on Buzzfeed and we started to take it more seriously.

The initial video is hilarious! How did you decide which Tweets made the cut into the first segment? Thanks! We basically just combed through everything we had, looked at which ones were popular, and thought about which ones were location specific and what we might be able to pull off in a day. There are quite a few more that didn't make any of the cuts for the upcoming videos. We also wanted to work in gestures and mannerisms which was an exciting aspect of bringing the feed to life.

I think that your choice to dress in drag was very effective. Will you continue this trend for future video series? What about the continuation of celebrity cameos? All of the videos have been shot, so yes it will continue. If there are more celebrities who want to be a part we'd love to film more and work it in. We have some ideas in mind but we'll keep it quiet so we don't jinx it!

Do you have a favourite Tweet from your feed? My favorite tweet is "That poor dog needs water." and Kyle's is "Could you pass me that blanket?"

What's it like hearing a non girlfriend utter a phrase from your Twitter feed on the street? It's really funny when we hear a phrase on the street or around girls we don't know - we'll look at each other and chuckle a bit. It means we got it right. It's even more amazing when we're hanging out with friends and someone says a phrase sincerely and then catches themselves and says "That's such a Shit Girls Say." It's even more amazing when I catch myself saying things. I often say "Could you turn it up a bit?" and "Could you do me a huge favour?" Eventually I stopped beating myself up for using them, because they're kind of unavoidable.

Would you ever start a "Shit Guys Say?" Why or why not. We're not interested in starting a "Shit Guys Say". There have been a few feeds trying it and it's not particularly funny in the context of Twitter. The things guys say often just aren't as layered and complex - there's not always the same level of subtext. But if someone thinks they can crack the tone I'd love to read it.

What's the most exciting event to present itself from starting the feed? Working with Juliette was definitely the most exciting thing that's happened so far. It was so impressive and enthralling to see someone of that caliber at work - but on top of that to be able to act with her as well as direct was just incredible.

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