Artist Sonja Ahlers Shares Her Favourite Holiday Tunes

Posted by Sonja Ahlers, December 21, 2011

Artist and bunny queen Sonja Ahlers is one of our favourite home-grown talents! She took time away from her busy schedule of illustrating, crafting, writing poetry and starring in art shows to guest blog for us! Did we mention she lives in the Yukon? Her unique designs are available at the Drake General Store just for you!

I often have that Band Aid song from 1984 stuck in my head, "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Of all the celebrity-band-group-sing-a-long tributes, the Band Aid one is probably the coolest. Everyone is either slightly depressed/hung over looking or totally goofing off but still ALL COOL. I have to admit that Bananarama look especially low and less than enthused. In contrast, Boy George totally has it together, Simon Le Bon looks very good and who could miss Phil Collins getting it done on the drum kit. Plus, the song is catchy.

Then we have a group of American artists in 1985 singing the song "We Are The World". During my re-watch, it isn't as bad as I thought it was. It's so crazy to see all those bold egos in one room. After my second re-watch, it feels like a "who is better than who competition." Was I the only one who noticed that Paul Simon and Tina Turner sang one line each, but Bruce Springsteen gets a full verse? They do, however, give Cyndi Lauper some space and a brief scat. The strength of the song largely lies in the fact that it's Jackson-heavy, Michael kills it. The camera pans him from toe to head with major soft focus. He's the angel on the tree!

Last but not least we have the Canadian pose in 1985, Northern Lights, singing " Tears Are Not Enough". I think it's so awesome (maybe I'm being a little too patriotic)! This maple syrup-fueld super group effort is the most convincing of the three. It launches into the stars: Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, and more. Apparently Joni Mitchell was ill and couldn't eat during the recording session and her tummy grumblings were messing with the sound levels. Pretty ironic! Neil Young sang the word 'innocence' flat and was told to re-sing it. He said, "That's my style, man."

All the very, very best to you for 2012 + beyond, xo Sonja

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