A Minute With: mymanhenri

Posted by Brian Smiley, December 27, 2011

mymanhenri plays Night 2 of What's In The Box alongside Sepalcure

Brian: It’s the end of the year. Time for reflection. Highlights from 2011?

mymanhenri: I can go the clichéd route and be fervently thankful for my closest friends for being there, but re: shows, I would have to say the Magical Properties Tour 3 w/ Daedelus, Tokimonsta + Shlohmo, and the Africa Hitech Soundsystem show just a few weeks back. Both were phenomenal.

B: You’ve got the reputation of always being ahead of the curve in regards to forward-thinking music. What are some of your favourite resources for new material?

M: I started to pay close attention when MySpace (what?) was still relevant, but now I pretty much rely on fostered relationships with labels, PR people, artists and ultimately the wealth of information/tweets flying around the interweb. I would be remiss in not mentioning the online radio streams I listen to. From Rinse FM (Alexander Nut, Anti Social, Scratcha) to Mary Anne Hobbs' show on XFM, and all the podcasts floating around online.

B:Your site, 92bpm gets some great traffic from around the world and you populate it with amazing content. Any favourite mixes or posts from this year?

M: Hmmm. Good question. I would have to say that the May 2011 special at Rinse FM w/ Africa Hitech was absolutely stellar. So much new music was played during that special, but more importantly it was the style and arrangement which was so good to me. Much of the same was displayed during their stop at the Drake, and that whole set was recorded and archived on the blog. If anyone wants the Rinse FM one, I'll post it on request.

B: You’ve helped a lot of DJs and Producers make their first visit to Toronto. If you had to give an aspiring visitor a quick travel tip, what would it be?

M: It might depend on the time of year, but I'd make sure to tell them to enjoy some good West Indian/Caribbean food. My pick is Island Foods at Dufferin & King. As music persons, Play De Record and Cosmos are both musts. Be ready: we have some of the finest women in the world, and come a work visa. Customs are cranky here.

B: What's can we expect from mymanhenri and 92bpm.com in early 2012?

M: More show curated shows - both music as well as art inspired by music. The #SayWrd lecture series will continue in 2012, and more honest and spirited micro blogging at 92bpm.com

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