A Minute With: Kids & Explosions

Posted by Brian Smiley, December 28, 2011

Kids & Explosions plays Night 3 of What's In The Box on Dec. 28

Brian: Use 3 words to describe a typical Kids & Explosions show.

Kids & Explosions: Tears. Laughter. Pregnancy.

B: With Kids & Explosions, audio and visuals are completely interconnected. Was this the plan from the start? Or did one area lead into the other?

K & E: It’s definitely a music project. But I always wanted to do something more with the live show than just stand on stage and poke a keyboard. For the first few shows my roommate, Justin (Broadbent), did live visuals by hand with this insane video rig he made out of a TV screen, a camera and ripped up kitten photos. It was amazing. Like watching a drunk wizard with an overhead projector. But he couldn’t bring it on the road. So I came up with a system where I trigger video clips and music at the same time, from the same keyboard. Which works pretty well, except when it breaks my computer.

B: With an infinite supply of samples to choose from, describe the process you go through in creating your tracks?

K & E: I start by cutting the best bits out of songs I love. Then I play those bits over top of each other until I find a combination that works. Then I break those into smaller bits I can trigger with a keyboard, and bash away at it until it’s a song.

B: Where would the ideal K&E show take place?

K & E:Banksy's house.

B: Finally, what’s next for K&E in early 2012?

K & E: I’ll be on tour in starting in February. I’m also working on a video game for one of my songs. It's like Guitar Hero, but sh*tty.

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