A Minute With: Keys N Krates

Posted by Brian Smiley, December 30, 2011
Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates plays Night 5 of What's In The Box on Dec 30.

Brian: This was a big year for Keys N Krates! Got a few highlights from 2011?

Jr. Flo: Man, so many fun shows and fun times. Playing Re:Generation Festival outside of Portland. Playing the Electric Forest festival in Michigan. Traveling to Bali for gigs and having a few days off to take in the beaches there. That deep fried corn we ate somewhere in Kentucky, and finally putting out our first EP.

B: Having become famous for KnK remixes and mix-tapes, how have you found the transition into original materials? Are crowds responding?

Flo: They've been responding really well! We're still rocking samples and using pop culture references, but it's more of a sample 'collage', and being able to really transform multiple samples into our own work, and get open with our own sounds and chord progressions, as opposed to freaking one particular sample reference. So we don't feel like it's a crazy jump. The music is still a party, but is now standing more on it's own legs, as opposed to "we are remixing blah blah blah". Although we'll still have fun doing the straight remix thing.

Blackout EP by Keys N Krates

B: Sounds like we’re in for a pretty crazy light-show tonight. Is this a sign of things to come for future KnK tours?
Flo: This is the first time we have ever attempting programming our own light show so it should be interesting!

B: You guys are road-warriors! Got any tips for bands getting ready to jump in a tour van?

Flo: Eat healthy. Exercise. Get books on tape. And get a good phone plan.

B: Finally, looking ahead to 2012 – what’s in-store for KnK?

Flo: We'll be touring, playing festivals, and releasing a bunch of new music and new remixes. Just announced our first festival of 2012 on Xmas Day which is Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March. Pretty excited about that.

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