A Minute With: Juan Atkins

Posted by Brian Smiley, December 29, 2011
Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins headlines Night 4 of What's In The Box on Dec. 29

Brian: Thanks for taking the time to chat! Since it's the end of the year, do you have any highlights from 2011?

Juan Atkins: I'd say re-launching my label Metroplex was a big one. That was a long-time coming.

B: The Detroit techno scene has never really gone away, but there are some new faces carrying the torch. Guys like Kyle Hall and Jimmy Edgar come to mind. How do you feel about the state of things in techno right now?

JA: Yeah those guys are good. And I think the scene is good. To this day I think a lot people look to Detroit as one of the original spots for electronic music in North America. That hasn't changed.

B: We hosted the 100% Silk crew here at The Drake in November and they had just returned from Poland where they played with your re-formed group, Model 500 at the Unsound Festival. Tell us a bit about Unsound.

JA: Yeah man, that show was crazy. The whole festival is set-up well. Great music, great vibe and the people were amazing. Everyone is there because they love music.

B: There’s always been a connection between Detroit and Toronto in terms of underground music. Can you tell us a bit about your past in Toronto?

JA Toronto has always been great. Last time I was there was a few years ago and I played a show with Theo Parrish at a theatre-style place with a marquee. I remember my name on the marquee (Editor's Note: the show was at Crosstown, 2007). That was a cool night.

B: What can we expect from Juan Atkins in 2012? Is Model 500 going to get on the road?

JA: Oh yeah. Model 500 will be the main thing next year with releases and tour dates. We’ve also got the Model 500 set of re-issues coming out on Metroplex in the Spring.

B: What about Cybotron?

JA: (laughs) You know I’m glad you mentioned that. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s time I get back in the studio and work on some Cybotron stuff. That's cool.

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