Oh, for the love of vintage!

Posted by Kealan Sullivan , November 21, 2011

It's November 1st and I'm at the dollar store. What do I see next to the left over candy packs and the forgotten fake witch noses? Garland, Rudolph toys and more… oh my! I panic. The holiday shopping countdown is on!

To stay-happy-while-shopping this year, my advice is to slow down and take the time to be surprised. The vintage shopping experience is all about finding that thing you are not looking for; you gotta leave a little room for the magic to happen. Last week I met a woman who was eyeing a delicate 50-year-old rose printed silk dress. She laughed at me when I awkwardly told that her it wouldn’t fit; of course she wasn’t trying it! She was buying this amazing gem for her 14-year-old daughter to open on Christmas morning. I cried. I cried for the love of vintage, the excitement of this Mom and the excitement to come for that little girl.

“Vintage” has become trendy. The word is so popular that it is used on packaging for everything from notepaper to pens to hairdryers. True vintage is quality made with an everlasting history. Quality is a special gift, one to be treasured forever.

With gift giving, it isn’t just the thought that counts, it’s being able to find the perfect thing to give. The tie with trucks on it [because your husband still plays with toy trucks in the garage before dinner], the full-length cream coloured mohair sweater for your mom [the one she gave away in the 80s and has regretted ever since], the quilt your daughter will have forever, or the leather biker jacket she will wear to prom. Each of these are the enduring gifts of love that tell a story. That is the true gift of vintage.

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