Google Music: The New Medium?

Posted by Brian Smiley, November 18, 2011

Google has officially launched Google Music, a cloud-based music storage service that now also includes an mp3 store. While similar to predecessors/competitors Rdio and Spotify, Google Music is separating itself by allowing users to store their music collections online, for free, and access them from any computer (or their mobile device) at any given time. Not only can users can upload 20,000 songs to their profile free of charge, they will also be able to include their online music purchases. Personalized music recommendations as well as editorial content emphasizing music discovery will also be available, standard fare in these social-networking days.

It's safe to say that in every person's lifetime, they've interacted with several different types of music mediums. Whether it was vinyl, cassette, CD or mp3, we have all witnessed an evolution and are now seeing the next phase.

Check out the video below to see how Google Music has captured this evolution, and attempts to revolutionize the now 'intangible' music community.

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