Mexico, mousse + skulls: The Day of the Dead

Posted by Drake, November 01, 2011

Halloween might be over for another year but the Day of the Dead is upon us! November 1st marks a National Holiday in Mexico; Día de los Muertos is a gathering of friends and family to remember their loved ones who have passed. Practices like the ancient Aztec rituals to the goddess Mictecacihuatl and the Catholic observance of All Saints Day have contributed to the traditions of the holiday.

The celebrations have now spread throughout the world but if you're lucky enough to be traveling in Mexico over this date, you might encounter typical Día de los Muertos observances. These include everything from parades to tequila toasts in cemeteries while humorous stories are told as well as floral arrangements to entice the souls and of course, the emblem of the day, the skull.

Day of the Dead parade

If you don't happen to be in Mexico or hopping on an airplane today, the Drake General Store has you covered. Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a skeleton doll or skull and floral drum and then parade on down to Drake for some Mexican chocolate mousse, a current fixture on our fall menu.


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