Art Toronto: Visual Delights From around the world

Posted by Drake, November 03, 2011
Stephen Appleby-Barr

Squires of Squalor by Stephen Appleby-Barr

Kris Knight

Augustus by Kris Knight


Pink Trim by Mike Bayne


China Doll by Mike Bayne

Art Toronto is one of our favourite events in the city! As the temperature drops, our mini metropolis once again plays host to Canada’s only modern and contemporary international art fair. This year, we had our very first artist-designed pop-up Drake Lounge by Karen Azoulay; complete with neon notebooks and Swedish socks from The Drake General Store.

Aside from our Drake lounge, we really enjoyed the solo artist's projects. Standout pieces that topped our favourite list included the brilliant and whimsical mythological work of Stephen Appleby-Barr, the eerily familiar precision of Mike Bayne, a variety of work by Chuck Close and current Drake exhibit artist, Kris Knight.

We feel so satisfied from our weekend filled with visual delights from Art Toronto, that we're not even going to start counting down the days before Art Basel Miami... well, until next week anyway.

[Photographs courtesy of: Nicholas Metivier Gallery and Katharine Mulherin Gallery]

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